What Is Your Favorite Animal And Why Answers

What Is Your Favorite Animal And Why Answers. Bengal tiger is the most famous wild animal in india and is also our. My favorite pets are parrot and dog.

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He works as a community manager at bored panda. My favorite type of animal is a cheetah. 34.9m members in the askreddit community.

The More Relatable Qualities, The Better You Would Be Able To Sell Yourself To The Recruiter.

My favorite animal is the dog. I like the color of the cheetahs eyes and body. A dolphin is also intelligent, and actually considered one of the smartest animals.

Well I Love Other Animals Also But Prefer To Keep These Two With Our Family Members.

There are 1 answers to the question what is your favourite animal and why?. Compare skills with the animal of your choice: The correct way to ask is just as you stated what is your favorite animal but the expected and correct answer is in plural, usually answered with just the.

An Elephant Is Strong, Intelligent, Loyal To The Group, And Unstoppable.

Fell in love with storytelling and cannot let that love go. Below are the sample answers talking about pets or animals. It is a sign of strength and maturity.

What Is The Most Popular Animal In Your Country?

My favorite pets are parrot and dog. Press j to jump to the feed. In the end, there is a list of animals and their traits for some extra help.

What Is More, Unlike Most Other Animals, They Can Recognize Themselves In Mirrors, Which Is A Sign.

Ielts speaking part 1 pets: And their favorite form or body of water is the truth about their view of their own sexuality and their attitude towards sex and some might even argue, towards life itself. A monkey is a common answer to this question and is not really the best animal to choose for most positions.

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