How To Read Electric Meter And Calculate

How To Read Electric Meter And Calculate. How much electricity you have used during that billing period; Check your meter to see what the reading is.

Read electric meter from

Check your electric meter once a week, ensuring you do so at the same relative time each week. How to read a dial electric meter. A digital metric meter will have an electronic or digital display, showing 5 numbers then a decimal point, followed by some more numbers.

To Compute Your Electric Consumption, Simply Subtract The Previous Reading From The Present Reading.

Below is a simple example and calculation. In the uk, units of energy, whether gas or electricity, are priced in kilowatts hours (kwh). If the meter reading is less than or equal to 100 units, it would cost 5.79 rupees per unit.

Total Electricity Cost + Fixed Fees = Final Electricity Bill

Note that some dials will move clockwise and some counterclockwise. Check your meter to see what the reading is. As we have mentioned above, each dial alternates in terms of which direction it’s read in.

How To Read A Meter.

Using following formula we calculate how to calculate electricity bill from meter reading. As you read, be sure to also write the numbers from right to left. If you want to know how much electricity you use over a month, take an initial reading on the first day of the month, then take a second reading at the end of the last day of the month.

How Much Electricity You Have Used During That Billing Period;

How to read a dial electric meter. It takes only three easy steps to read your meter : This is normally the part that catches people out.

Write Down The First 5 Numbers Shown From Left To Right.

According to national electricity market rules we must read your meter* at least once every six months, but we attempt to do so once every three months. Failure to properly locate the decimal point will result in a reading that is grossly wrong. If you wish to calculate how many kilowatt hours you’ve used.

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