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Welcome to Loadosophia.org!

What is Loadosophia?

Loadosophia.org is the service for storing and analysing performance test results. It supports analyzing output from Apache JMeter, Apache Benchmark and Yandex.Tank performance testing tools.

Our mission is to spread knowledge on results analysis, performance testing tools and best practices.

We achieve this by providing service for storing your load tests data, giving you online analysis tool that visualize test results and stores it for future needs. You can easily see the trends in your performance tests, your heavy argument for developers and management of your software.

Start Uploading Test Results

Where to start?

  1. Enter your personal workspace area and login with your Google ID.
  2. Upload your test results file at upload page. Wait a minute for file to be processed.
  3. Go to test report page and observe the graphs. They are interactive, play with zooming and rows toggling!
  4. Organize your tests into several projects, selecting KPI for trends tracking.
  5. Use instant feedback at the bottom of any page to share your experience.

How much it costs?

Loadosophia has very soft rules for payments: you can upload many tests without any forward payments. Moreover, it uses "Pay What You Want" pricing policy, allowing users themselves to choose fair price for the service.

And if you have no money to pay for the service, it's OK. Just use it. It will always work for free for beginner users. Because we really love performance testing community. We're the part of that community.

What about privacy?

Right question for such services. There is some honest points you should know before uploading your data:

  1. Your data is stored at our dedicated server. No one have access to it except our admins.
  2. We don't store any passwords for your account, we use Google Accounts API instead.
  3. We use TLS to encrypt network exchange when you upload your data and viewing reports.
  4. You may use codenames for your test labels, so imaginary hacker will not guess what you store there.
  5. Our programmers do their best for securing the access to your data from other users.
  6. If you don't trust us anyway - don't use the service. Your privacy is the most valuable thing, we really appreciate it.

Still have questions?

Contact our support, share your feedback and together we'll change the world!