See Your Load Tests in Color!

Loadosophia is the service for storing and analysing performance tests. All reports are presented with fancy and colorful charts. Over ten different charts available! Tabular data also exists for precise calculations.

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Several Tools Supported

Service supports analysing results collected from popular Apache JMeter and Apache Benchmark tools. Yandex.Tank tool files supported, too. Special plugins exist to enable realtime graphs for test process and automated post-test results upload.

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PDF Reports Available

Each report is available in PDF format for download.

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Collaborative Work

Several Loadosophia users can work on the same projects, sharing the data and reports. Owner, Tester and Report Viewer roles available for better access management.

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What is Loadosophia? is the service for storing and analysing performance test results. It supports analyzing output from Apache JMeter, Apache Benchmark and Yandex.Tank performance testing tools.

Quick Start
  1. Log in with one of your social IDs
  2. Upload your test results file
  3. Observe graphs and tables at report page
  4. Invite teammates to see reports together

Service Features

  • JMeter, Apache Benchmark and more... supports Apache JMeter, Apache Benchmark and Yandex.Tank tools output files uploading. Automated upload right after the test is possible via tool plugins.

    Running Tests Visualized

    You may see test results overview even before the test has finished. JMeter and Yandex.Tank has special plugins to do it.

    Monitoring Data Supported

    Service accepts various server resource monitoring log formats and plots corresponding data in the test reports.

  • Charts and Tables

    Reports contain tabular data to get exact values for performed tests. Charts are used to visualize test data to spot possible runtime problems.

    Interactive Reports

    All charts are interactive, play with it, toggle rows, zoom and find the answers for your questions. Composite Timeline tab allows to correlate all available timeline rows.

    PDF Reports

    Every report may be exported to PDF file, allowing to print or send via e-mail. Share it with your management and customers.

  • Tests Side-by-Side Comparison

    Upload several tests and you will be able to compare them with each other, finding out the best performance conditions for your SUT.

    KPI Tracking Over Time

    If you have continuous performance testing and want to track KPIs from test to test, you may set up project KPI to plot over time.

    Collaborative Work

    You may invite your teammates to become a members of Loadosophia projects. Build virtual team and share the work between administrators, testers and viewers.

  • Support Available

    If you have any question or idea, don't hesitate to contact our support team. There is convinient form to compose support request while logged in.

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Data Privacy Considerations
  • Your data is stored at our dedicated server. No one have access to it except our admins.

  • We don't store any passwords for your account, we use your social login instead.

  • We use TLS to encrypt network exchange when you upload your data and viewing reports.

  • You may use codenames for your test labels, so imaginary hacker will not guess what you store there.

  • Our programmers do their best for securing the access to your data from other users.

  • If you still have doubts about privacy, don't hesitate to contact our support. There is always some more possibilities to solve your task with suitable conditions.